Thursday, December 10, 2009

20 days until 2010

So I've got 20 days left to finish this list of mine. I need your guys help, even if a friend of yours comes up with a cool idea, I'll give him credit (or you can lie so you get the credit).

Anyone of the items on my list may come off before New Years, but once it becomes 2010 that list will be permanent. Now I'm not going to accept ideas for doing anything illegal, self mutilating, or sexual (too many people have suggested things to do in the bedroom).

You can leave your idea even in the comments, because I'll check it out. Leave your name if that's how you want me to put you down as a suggestion, otherwise I'll just take whatever name is there. You can also leave me your website if you want me to put that up with the suggestions. I really really need all of your help.

Some that I have passed on were sky diving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving, because I'm leaving those for a mid life crisis, lol.

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