Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Party Party Party

I have a lot of things I want to cover in this post, so I'll categorize for better reading experience!

Shoe Dilemma! (washing shoe laces)

A few weeks back I went partying with some friends to celebrate the end of adult day school. For those of you who have been following, I went to improve my marks so I could get into University. I went in my brand new (white) shoes. Before the night began they were pristine, with nothing more then dirt on the bottom. After the great night of partying to the point of almost memory loss (judge me if you like) I woke up the next morning to find that my shoes were now a shade of dirt gray! I was disappointed by the site, but not surprised, they are size 13 so I can imagine them getting trampled on at the club. I spent the next while cleaning my shoes, but the laces were damned to be not such an easy task. I had decided I was not going to just go out and get new laces (call it lazy, call it frugal). I began by just running them through water, did virtually nothing, then an idea struck me, I will wash it in the washing machine! I know this sounds like a bad idea. "But William they will just fall apart!", no, I have put it on the delicate cycle and put them within a sock, to prevent them from breaking. And holy cow, they came out of the washer in one piece, with most of the stains gone! Considering I didn't use bleach to help whiten, they came out surprisingly clean! Now I don't recommend people doing this, but if you want to try, go ahead.

Lesson Learned... (Party Tips!)

1. If you plan on drinking, don't bring anything you will be sore to part with (unless you have a method to ensure its security). As most of you know I lost my keys to my scooter and house, my Flip Mino HD, and my brand new leather jacket! I had put the item in coat check, where you put stuff to be safe! This also applies to money, bring what you plan on spending, because chances are you will be either buying a sexy chick a drink or two, or drinking more to make the night one you won't remember.
2. Don't get smashed without a fail-safe! If you get smashed make sure you have someone with you that can get you home safe. Whether that means a friend to put you in a taxi, or a foxy babe to bring her back to her place. Last thing you want to do is wake up lost.
4. Make sure you know the rules. Last thing you need is to be refused into a club.
5. Look/Smell Good. I know this one seems obvious, but some forget!
6. Be prepared! I mean have the required items for the night you want to have (cash, condoms, mints, ect.). And especially a charged phone! Last thing you want is to find a girl interested in you, and your phone is dead! Now if she is interested in you enough, hope that someone has a marker, get her to write it on you.
7. HAVE FUN! Honestly, just have a good time! You only live once after all. :)

*Tunes to Party To* (Unique beats, for free)

I have been a fan, and long time member on and for years I have avoided the "Audio Portal", but no more! I have found the most amazing beats! Any genre, you can find it, but most importantly they have an amazing selection of dance music for parties. Abraham Remix is one song I can't stop listening to, and all songs on newgrounds are free to download.  The only thing is its not for commercial use, so use it at a house party you're hosting. It is a great way to have unique songs that everyone likes and yet no one has heard. You can give a shout out to the artist so his name gets out there.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


With a lack of good tv, no video games, no coffee, I ended up failing and falling asleep. I made it to about 34 hours awake before crashing, I'm sorry, I'll do it next time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Doing Number 17

So quick fact! I woke up at 1:23AM, which means I have to stay up until Sunday 1:23AM (minimum).

To make sure I am awake you can email me, or if you have me on Steam, message me!

I'll be posting videos from my phone every couple of hours, just to show I am still awake and to update on my status!

I'll probably be doing homework/working on animations during this time, but if you wanna contact me, to keep me motivated, I would be glad to hear from you :)

(Will edit post with updates and videos, no need to make new posts)

*UPDATE @ 14 Hours Awake*
I am getting a little tired, but nothing too big of a deal. I am also getting very frustrated with my Palm Pre! For some reason when I upload videos to Youtube from my phone, it comes up as undefined, meaning my video wasn't really uploaded! I have tried it many times with the same result, so I am going to attempt to transfer it to my computer and upload it that way.

*UPDATE @ 17 Hours Awake*
I'm debating whether I should do this another time, ya know when I have my Xbox not having the whole 1 red light of death...sigh, I'm actually rather tired! I can do this though, THANKS COLA! You saved me from almost failure :)

*UPDATE @ 18 Hours Awake*
Just remembered tonight was the night I am suppose to cross off number 48, I have 2 hours to before I can go meet them, SO MUCH WIN!! Oh and currently packing up the 360 to go get fixed...

*UPDATE @ 19 Hours Awake*
Can't find anyone to come to see Sons of Butcher with me...

*UPDATE @ 22 Hours Awake*
Ok didnt go see SoB, I'm really tire, and I don't have the energy to deal with life right now, I really just wanna shut off all chats, and tell everyone to go away, but I can't because it's keeping me awake....

*UPDATE @ 23 Hours Awake*
I just finished getting into a huge fight with a friend, and now her and I aren't talking, fuck and me being tired made me a really big dick to her. Problem is, I have always worn a front when talking to her, I'm always a complete ass, and I think I should just end it, stop being her friend. I care about her, and I can't be a real friend to her, I think I'll end it.

*UPDATE @ 30 Hours Awake*
I made an apology animation for my friend and had spent this time playing L4D2, and will continue until my aussie friends go to bed...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Address to Great Canadian Vlog Nation

So it has been a while, and that I am sorry for. My mother got very ill, and between that and school, I had no free time to devote to the blog/vlog/list, but all is better now. So let me update you on a few things...

First of all, you all know by now at least that my Flip Mino is gone, for good, so I need  a new one... But luckily Palm did a system update of my phone (Palm Pre) and now I can record video and upload it directly onto youtube (only issue is that they need to update it again because I have made about 10 vlogs, and either they have not managed to record properly or refused to upload...)

Second of all, I know have fallen behind on the list (3/52), but I am almost done number 41, I am making plans currently to do number 25, and number 1 is still an on going process...

Oh and just to let you know I bought Final Fantasy 13, well I bought it a week ago, and I finished it just as I am writing this. It was a great game guys. If you're a fan of the FF series just go and get yourself a copy. I never ended up getting FF 12 but I have 3, 8, 11. It was a excellent game (I'd give it at least a 8.7/10) Loved it. Go buy it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Life is kind of slowing down for yours truly... I finish adult day school come this Tuesday, I am currently trying to work on an animation that will be high caliber enough to get front paged on, my love life is about as existent as global warming (lol I'm acting like an American politician HAR HAR HAR), I still have 49 things on the list to cross off, my cat is obese, and I'm in love with a stripper...

Okay so maybe some of those are not entirely true, but I am still video camera-less and seemingly can't get the women I am interested in to see me as a potential boyfriend (well at least for the next month, cuz to be honest relationships get boring after that long, and hot sexy women out there, try and prove me wrong, email me for my number ;) )

My Blog still has not reached out to the many blog readers out there and I am running out of ways to get it into the homes of the everyday internet consumer. Hopefully once my animation is complete and I have obtained a new moving picture recording device I can start raking in the views. I need 248k more views on this blog... my only question is should I include views of my videos as well?

Anywho I wanna recommend a book to you all if you have not read it, its call "Snow Falling on Cedars", it's a book with war, love, lust, crime, farming, fishing, sex, japanese, samurai, strawberries, and so much more. It was a great book, and usually I find it hard to read books (not because I'm dumb, but because they bore me). So I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to read a book for an essay, book report, or even to those who actually enjoy embracing the literal genius of publicly proclaimed authors.