Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Address to Great Canadian Vlog Nation

So it has been a while, and that I am sorry for. My mother got very ill, and between that and school, I had no free time to devote to the blog/vlog/list, but all is better now. So let me update you on a few things...

First of all, you all know by now at least that my Flip Mino is gone, for good, so I need  a new one... But luckily Palm did a system update of my phone (Palm Pre) and now I can record video and upload it directly onto youtube (only issue is that they need to update it again because I have made about 10 vlogs, and either they have not managed to record properly or refused to upload...)

Second of all, I know have fallen behind on the list (3/52), but I am almost done number 41, I am making plans currently to do number 25, and number 1 is still an on going process...

Oh and just to let you know I bought Final Fantasy 13, well I bought it a week ago, and I finished it just as I am writing this. It was a great game guys. If you're a fan of the FF series just go and get yourself a copy. I never ended up getting FF 12 but I have 3, 8, 11. It was a excellent game (I'd give it at least a 8.7/10) Loved it. Go buy it!

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