Friday, March 26, 2010

Doing Number 17

So quick fact! I woke up at 1:23AM, which means I have to stay up until Sunday 1:23AM (minimum).

To make sure I am awake you can email me, or if you have me on Steam, message me!

I'll be posting videos from my phone every couple of hours, just to show I am still awake and to update on my status!

I'll probably be doing homework/working on animations during this time, but if you wanna contact me, to keep me motivated, I would be glad to hear from you :)

(Will edit post with updates and videos, no need to make new posts)

*UPDATE @ 14 Hours Awake*
I am getting a little tired, but nothing too big of a deal. I am also getting very frustrated with my Palm Pre! For some reason when I upload videos to Youtube from my phone, it comes up as undefined, meaning my video wasn't really uploaded! I have tried it many times with the same result, so I am going to attempt to transfer it to my computer and upload it that way.

*UPDATE @ 17 Hours Awake*
I'm debating whether I should do this another time, ya know when I have my Xbox not having the whole 1 red light of death...sigh, I'm actually rather tired! I can do this though, THANKS COLA! You saved me from almost failure :)

*UPDATE @ 18 Hours Awake*
Just remembered tonight was the night I am suppose to cross off number 48, I have 2 hours to before I can go meet them, SO MUCH WIN!! Oh and currently packing up the 360 to go get fixed...

*UPDATE @ 19 Hours Awake*
Can't find anyone to come to see Sons of Butcher with me...

*UPDATE @ 22 Hours Awake*
Ok didnt go see SoB, I'm really tire, and I don't have the energy to deal with life right now, I really just wanna shut off all chats, and tell everyone to go away, but I can't because it's keeping me awake....

*UPDATE @ 23 Hours Awake*
I just finished getting into a huge fight with a friend, and now her and I aren't talking, fuck and me being tired made me a really big dick to her. Problem is, I have always worn a front when talking to her, I'm always a complete ass, and I think I should just end it, stop being her friend. I care about her, and I can't be a real friend to her, I think I'll end it.

*UPDATE @ 30 Hours Awake*
I made an apology animation for my friend and had spent this time playing L4D2, and will continue until my aussie friends go to bed...

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