Saturday, March 6, 2010


Life is kind of slowing down for yours truly... I finish adult day school come this Tuesday, I am currently trying to work on an animation that will be high caliber enough to get front paged on, my love life is about as existent as global warming (lol I'm acting like an American politician HAR HAR HAR), I still have 49 things on the list to cross off, my cat is obese, and I'm in love with a stripper...

Okay so maybe some of those are not entirely true, but I am still video camera-less and seemingly can't get the women I am interested in to see me as a potential boyfriend (well at least for the next month, cuz to be honest relationships get boring after that long, and hot sexy women out there, try and prove me wrong, email me for my number ;) )

My Blog still has not reached out to the many blog readers out there and I am running out of ways to get it into the homes of the everyday internet consumer. Hopefully once my animation is complete and I have obtained a new moving picture recording device I can start raking in the views. I need 248k more views on this blog... my only question is should I include views of my videos as well?

Anywho I wanna recommend a book to you all if you have not read it, its call "Snow Falling on Cedars", it's a book with war, love, lust, crime, farming, fishing, sex, japanese, samurai, strawberries, and so much more. It was a great book, and usually I find it hard to read books (not because I'm dumb, but because they bore me). So I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to read a book for an essay, book report, or even to those who actually enjoy embracing the literal genius of publicly proclaimed authors.

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