Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Party Party Party

I have a lot of things I want to cover in this post, so I'll categorize for better reading experience!

Shoe Dilemma! (washing shoe laces)

A few weeks back I went partying with some friends to celebrate the end of adult day school. For those of you who have been following, I went to improve my marks so I could get into University. I went in my brand new (white) shoes. Before the night began they were pristine, with nothing more then dirt on the bottom. After the great night of partying to the point of almost memory loss (judge me if you like) I woke up the next morning to find that my shoes were now a shade of dirt gray! I was disappointed by the site, but not surprised, they are size 13 so I can imagine them getting trampled on at the club. I spent the next while cleaning my shoes, but the laces were damned to be not such an easy task. I had decided I was not going to just go out and get new laces (call it lazy, call it frugal). I began by just running them through water, did virtually nothing, then an idea struck me, I will wash it in the washing machine! I know this sounds like a bad idea. "But William they will just fall apart!", no, I have put it on the delicate cycle and put them within a sock, to prevent them from breaking. And holy cow, they came out of the washer in one piece, with most of the stains gone! Considering I didn't use bleach to help whiten, they came out surprisingly clean! Now I don't recommend people doing this, but if you want to try, go ahead.

Lesson Learned... (Party Tips!)

1. If you plan on drinking, don't bring anything you will be sore to part with (unless you have a method to ensure its security). As most of you know I lost my keys to my scooter and house, my Flip Mino HD, and my brand new leather jacket! I had put the item in coat check, where you put stuff to be safe! This also applies to money, bring what you plan on spending, because chances are you will be either buying a sexy chick a drink or two, or drinking more to make the night one you won't remember.
2. Don't get smashed without a fail-safe! If you get smashed make sure you have someone with you that can get you home safe. Whether that means a friend to put you in a taxi, or a foxy babe to bring her back to her place. Last thing you want to do is wake up lost.
4. Make sure you know the rules. Last thing you need is to be refused into a club.
5. Look/Smell Good. I know this one seems obvious, but some forget!
6. Be prepared! I mean have the required items for the night you want to have (cash, condoms, mints, ect.). And especially a charged phone! Last thing you want is to find a girl interested in you, and your phone is dead! Now if she is interested in you enough, hope that someone has a marker, get her to write it on you.
7. HAVE FUN! Honestly, just have a good time! You only live once after all. :)

*Tunes to Party To* (Unique beats, for free)

I have been a fan, and long time member on and for years I have avoided the "Audio Portal", but no more! I have found the most amazing beats! Any genre, you can find it, but most importantly they have an amazing selection of dance music for parties. Abraham Remix is one song I can't stop listening to, and all songs on newgrounds are free to download.  The only thing is its not for commercial use, so use it at a house party you're hosting. It is a great way to have unique songs that everyone likes and yet no one has heard. You can give a shout out to the artist so his name gets out there.

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