Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pre 2010

Starting January 1st, 2010, I'm going to start to complete my list of 52 items. Simple enough, 52 items, 52 weeks, so one a week. I will try to post videos of me completing each one of the 52 tasks for your enjoyment. Some maybe more thrilling then others, but I want to bring everyone along for this ride in my life. I currently only have 25 of the 52 things on the list, so I need to finish it before New Years. This is what I got so far.

1. Get into University,
2. Ride on a plane,
3. Drive a car or motorcycle 200km/h,
4. Make a music video (Animation),
5. Go off a jump and travel 25ft at least,
6. Swim in the ocean,
7. Appear on T.V.,
8. Get a six pack (not of the beer variety),
9. Move out of my parent's house,
10. Learn to do a back flip,
11. Take a ride in a limo,
12. Fire a gun,
13. Successfully drink a Car Bomb,
14. Travel to another continent,
15. Get my ass waxed,
16. Go to the Spa,
17. Stay awake for 72 hours straight, at least...
18. Participate in a threesome ^_^
19. Do some volunteer work,
20. Get my hands on a bottle of chloroform,
21. Go Clubbing,
22. Have my website get 250,000 hits (perferably unique ones)
23. Have a drink at a swim up to bar,
24. Get a Job (suggested by my Brother)
25. Ride a Horse,

The main reason for this list is so I actually do something with my life this year. It's a good guide to make my life more eventful. This year all I did was go back to high school, had a summer job, and am now doing independent courses. I got accepted into college for art, but I want to go to university for Business/Math, preferable McMaster University in my home town. I'm 19, turning 20 June 1st, and I haven't done much with my life. I live in my parents basement, don't have a girlfriend, or a job.

I am going to be starting up a website to post my videos, animations, and host tournaments for games. I have some experience with hosting tournaments, but I have never had a base to do so, so that's what the website will be for. I have also always wanted to be a Millionaire, I know...who has not wanted to be, but I'm determined, it's my goal in life, and I think I can achieve it by 2020. I'll be 30 by then. Anyways enough about me, if you have any suggestions as to what I can put on my list, email me @