Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was on the pursuit of crossing number 21 off my list and the worst thing happened!

On my way there I was filming for me next vlog, ended up waiting around for my friends to arrive, so that I could put my Flip Mino HD and my New Leather Jacket in their trunk. I text them and found that they had arrived there before me. So I went in to see them, and figured I could just drop my jacket into the coat check (3$ no big deal). After a night of partying I had made my decision that I would head home, went down to the coat check, and went to get my jacket, which was holding my flip mino safe and sound. I looked to my pocket to find that my coat check slip had disappeared. The guys said that was no problem, everyone loses their ticket. I described him the jacket, and there was one that looked almost and I mean almost identical to mine, just had buttons instead of a zipper. Turns out my jacket isn't there no more, I'm guessing the guy who owned the jacket that looked like mine took mine accidentally, but that means I'm out 100$ from my jacket, and 200$ for my flip mino, and I can't make anymore Vlogs.

I know this is asking a lot, but if you guys have any extra cash lying around in your accounts, any amount would be awesome to get so that I could get my vlogs going again... That or buy something from the shop. I hate asking for hand me outs, but I need my video camera to get the vlogs up and I am currently on the pursuit of a job, but no such luck in this damn economy :(

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