Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fork in the road

Take a step back from your life right now. Look at it from the third person. Think of what is best for everyone, and not for yourself, just this one time. Make a choice, don't go back on it, just do it. Spend the time to think about it, consider all the possibilities. Don't rush into an answer, because its better if you don't change it after it has been made, that will just cause extra problems.

I say all that because I'm in that situation. I have been at an ever changing fork in the road, even though everything surrounding the paths are changing, the paths are still the same. I have been standing at this fork for way too long. My life has been changing so much in the past year and this is the only thing that hasn't changed because I have not taken a direction. All paths can lead to hardship, one will lead me to almost certain hardship for a time, but could lead me to where I want to go in the end. The other is more of an unknown, where it could lead me down a path I have been trying to get to for all this time, but then again it could lead me down the one I most dread.

This is where I need to look at it from other peoples point of view. The first path will be a difficult path for myself, but that is a weight I would carry only on my shoulders, and no one else would be exposed to that burden. The other path could lead me to happiness, the over all outcome I want out of this fork. But even with my happiness, it will cause issues to those around me, one being my best friend. If I take this second path it could just lead me down the first path with hardships being brought to more people then if I just took it upon myself to bare.

Do you try and interrupt two peoples happiness for a shot of your own? Or do you take the bullet and let them be on their way? Is a chance at love really worth crushing the relationships around you?

When is it time for you to sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of those around you? 5 Years? (just in case you hadn't caught on :P)

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