Saturday, August 28, 2010

So... CRASHES....

I got in a near fatal highway accident on my motorcycle on Tuesday. I say near fatal because the next day a motorcyclist did more or less the same thing as I, but was ran over by a car and didn't make it.

So this is what I have been told happened (because I have no memory of the accident) I was on my way home from work, going down QEW Toronto. Traffic had slowed down to 80 km/h, when a truck in front of the car in front of me braked hard. The vehicle ahead of me braked, and I did too. Unfortunately I must have braked too much because my back wheel went into the air, back down to the ground, and then straight into the air, throwing me from the motorcycle. I then hit the ground (on my head), I don't know the details of whether I slid or what, but my helmet looks like its been sand blasted, its cracked at the chin, the one side of my jacket kinda disintegrated a bit, my pants were torn, and my gloves were ripped.

Thankfully the drivers who were in front and behind me stopped their cars so traffic would have to go around. Within four minutes of 911 being called an ambulance was there. They spend 40 minutes working on me until they brought be to the hospital. The damaged I received was amazingly not bad. My one baby finger was so dislocated the bone came through the skin. The muscles in my right hip are torn. I have road burn and bruising on a large amount of my body. My upper teeth went into my upper lip, one tooth piercing all the way through and one tooth on the bottom went into my bottom lip. Both my hands are pretty useless at this time, but I have full use of my 3 dominant fingers on both hands. Allowing me to type.

Considering the officer who came to the crash expected a DOA, I guess I'm doing damn good.

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