Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Nation Address 1

Alright, so a few things I need to say...
Currently all video uploading will stop due to me running up my total download/upload limit... so unless I can figure out another way to upload my stuff, we will not be seeing my face until February.... SAD FACE!

In other news I need you all to help me change something on my list... See on the list (number 32) I kept it to only CAFEPRESS.COM and I want to change it to 1000 items of merchandise in general, after all if I do get very popular I will order my own stuff to send to you guys :D So I figured the only way I can truly do this is if i get at least 50 people (different people) who say I can change this, since you are all my audience its really up to you! So just comment YES if I can change it, and NO if I can't.

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