Tuesday, January 5, 2010

News guys, so listen in!

So I have not crossed anything off the list yet and its already been 5 days, getting kinda worried. I'm donating blood next Tuesday (January 12th) for the first time. If you are thinking you wanna donate blood along with me, and you live in the Hamilton area, come by McMaster University between 10am and 5pm. Its always good to donate blood, because you never know who'll need it.

Got some good news, my Cafepress store is up and running! Click Here to see it!
I'll post a permanent link on the page, and I'll be submitting new designs every week or so. If you want a type of shirt not offered with the design you want, let me know and ill change it so you can get what ya want!

The logo on the store page, and my signature in any of the forums you see me in were all made by Pabmo. He is an excellent designer, and I am very thankful for his work! Thanks a bunch PABMO!

Also guys the best way for me stuff to get noticed by the public is if you get the word out! So if you have a friend who is doing a new years resolution, or just wants to see a guy get tazered, or any of the other things I'm doing let them know! It gives me more motivation the more people I have trying to get me to do this stuff! Thank you all :)

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